A little about our company...

Anne and Butzi circa 1976


Growing up in the '70s meant anything was possible, even skateboarding beagles.

Annie spent her childhood enjoying the outdoors with her beagle named Putzi (Austrian for "cute little one.") I'm not sure whose imagination was larger: Putzi's whose nose lead her on the world's greatest "hunting" adventures through suburbia, or Annie's whose mind had her creating, crafting, and drawing whenever homework didn't get in the way.

Annie's ingenuity has remained with her all her life.

In today's economy, it takes ingenuity to be frugal and health conscious, while still being able to give your four-legged friends the very best. For many pet owners, their pet is a vital member of the family whose health, happiness, and longevity is as important as that of a spouse or child. So Annie decided it was time to give pet owners a better option than the overpriced or preservative-filled pet treats currently on the market.

Why should the healthy, delicious option be reserved for special occasions?

Natural Annie™ pet treat mixes are designed and priced to provide an exceptional product which your pet can enjoy as regularly as store bought treats. No need to shop for a list of random ingredients you never have at home just to follow a pet treat recipe. We take the headache out of the equation with a full line of treat mix flavors to suit any palate. And when you want to add a bit of flair, Natural Annie™ treats can be embellished to perfection with a full line of Natural Annie™ icing mixes. The choice is yours. The options are endless.

Pets deserve the best. Pet owners deserve the best too.

Natural Annie™ is a small American business that strives to leave the world a better place for creatures of every kind. We donate a portion of all of our sales to charity, buy American grown ingredients and earth-friendly packaging whenever possible, and strive to support other earth-friendly American businesses through our operations. We take great pride in providing minimally processed, reasonably priced, and easy to make products.

We thank you for your support, and for all you do to bring joy to the life of your pet and the lives of pet owners worldwide.


   Proud to be an American owned and operated small business


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