Do you know what your pet is eating? May 02 2014

Winter is over across the country, even in the northern reaches of the U.S. where we still have patches of snow here and there. Spring has put a 'spring' in our two-legged step, as well as that of our four-legged friends. With the increasing number of evening daylight hours, there's more time to burn off a few extra winter pounds on a long walk, brisk bike ride, or evening run.

Just as any athlete or health-conscious human knows, our bodies perform best when we avoid the highly processed junk foods and instead consume all-natural alternatives. So why wouldn't the same hold true for our pets? Preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors can't possibly be good for any of us. It's only logical. But if you need hard facts, there are enough research publications out there to certainly make me anyone think twice about what they eat. The bottom line for those looking for a simple method of choosing healthy foods: stick with products containing few ingredients, and ingredients you can pronounce.

At Natural Annie, we know that life is more fun when it includes a treat every now and then. So our goal is to make treats for pets that are not only incredibly delicious but incredibly healthy. You'll be able to pronounce the short list of all-natural ingredients in our nine flavors of pet treat mix and five flavors of pet treat icing mix, and likely will recognize the ingredients from high-quality human food labels. You might be surprised to know that our ingredients are purchased at human-grade, and many are the top brands you know and love at your local health food store! You'll find no sugar in any of our mixes, but instead will find complex carbohydrates for a more gradual energy release. There is no corn or fillers, and no wheat in any of our mixes. And the beautiful pink and purple colors of our icings? Those are thanks to human-grade dried strawberry and blueberry powders – not dyes or artificial colors.

So when you think twice about what you eat, do the same for your pet. Bake them treats that contain nothing but the good stuff. They'll thank you by begging for more!