For easy, nutritious, pet treat recipes, look no further. February 02 2014

You've decided to try to make your own pet treats. Fantastic! Where to begin?

Some pet owners search, others read books, and others search Google. This can be exciting! So many options and things to try.

It's sort of like looking through a new cookbook, drooling over all the delicious meals you're going to make, and after an hour of bookmarking recipes you put it aside and throw a frozen meal in the microwave saying "I'll make something healthy tomorrow." Lets face it, we all love delicious food, but many of us have little free time to cook or bake, and little spare change to splurge on special ingredients we might only use once or twice. And if you're a novice in the kitchen, you might wonder if you should risk making something exotic.

It's the same when it comes to our pets. We want what's best for them. After all, they're family!

So you made it through the reams of pet treat recipes and picked out one you want to try. But did you know that many pet treat recipes found in books and online contain ingredients that are not good for your pet, even in small quantities? Perhaps the author of the pet treat recipe was unaware of the health risks to pets, or included sugars or certain flavors to make it more appealing to the human baking it. Much like baby foods of the 1950's which were manufactured for parent appeal, loaded with sugars, artificial flavors and colors.

Other recipes contain specialty ingredients that can add up in cost, especially if bought in small quantities at a health food store. Oat, rice, and rye flours are not everyday household commodities, but are far better for your pet than wheat flour which is the household staple, or corn fillers found in store bought pet treats.

The beauty of Natural Annie™ treat mixes are that we have taken the recipe hunting, ingredient researching, and costly shopping out of the picture. We have proven recipes, high quality pet-safe ingredients, and all-natural specialty ingredients, all at a reasonable price. Each batch of mix is hand measured and prepared with care, with easy-to-follow instructions on the label. Our single-batch bags of mix provide a cost-effective means of offering your pet a variety of treat flavors to find out which one is the favorite. Then you can save even more by buying the favorite flavor in larger quantities.

Our recipes are easy and fast. We offer plenty of baking options that are even simpler than cutting each treat with your free cookie cutter. Just roll and slice! Even a novice baker can have treats in the oven in about 15 minutes.

So don't read through all those recipes and buy a bunch of ingredients to make your pet a treat that might not even be good for them. Get Natural Annie™ pet treat mix. All you need to have at home is oil and water. The rest is "in the bag."